Why Join Us

The Vertin Family tradition of first class funeral service began over a century ago when the family conducted their first funeral service in 1904. Although our organization has grown in many ways, the tradition of providing professional, caring service to families in need, has always remained.  Because we are family owned, we are proud to work like a family... everyone doing their part to provide dedicated service to each and every family we are entrusted to serve.

Funeral Service is more than a job, it's a calling.  Is it calling you?

A sense of comfort during a time of need. A steady hand, guiding a family through one of life’s hardest moments. A caretaker, a care giver, a trusted community resource. Funeral directors are all of these things and more. Every day in communities around the world funeral directors provide a vital service to grieving families, providing comfort and support to the living while caring for their loved ones. Funeral service is more than a job; it’s a calling.

There’s no doubt that a career in funeral service is demanding…long hours, working on weekends, time away from your family. Indeed, a career in funeral service isn’t for everyone.

However, few professions, arguably, offer such great a reward in knowing you are called upon and trusted to help families in their greatest time of need. A funeral service career isn’t simply a job; it’s a way of life.

If you are driven by a compassionate need to serve others, and have a natural commitment to your community, you may find a career in funeral service is calling you. Whether you are a high school student, a college student, or someone already in the workforce looking to change careers, the opportunities awaiting you in funeral service are many.

Ultimately, no one but you can decide if a career in funeral service is the right choice. If you do choose to go down this path, know that you are becoming a part of a proud, dedicated group of practitioners whose service to grieving families is rarely forgotten.

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"It has been a blessing for us to be able to work together and have opportunities we hadn't seen available at other firms we had worked for.  We have found Vertin Company to be generous in providing incentives...they maintain their locations well and have the ability to provide staff as needed from other locations nearby. They are organized and well led by a management team to keep things moving in a progressive way. The Vertin Company chooses to invest in "full service" to the families by offering grief resources and support."
Mike and Lara Shea, Licensed Funeral Directors
“One of the things I enjoy the most about working with Vertin Family Funeral Homes, is the opportunity to work on recruiting and hiring individuals to join our family.  I truly believe that working in funeral service is an unbelievable privilege, and there are countless individuals in our family of funeral homes that will tell you that working in funeral service is a ‘calling’.  That is really what I am looking for when recruiting; someone who is meant to do this job, in order to bring some stability and support to bereaved families during a very difficult time.”
Jay Dietz, licensed funeral director
"I was somewhat hesitant about working with Vertin Company.  I thought it was one of those big companies you hear negative things about. Once I started meeting the staff, however, and experienced the new employee training process, I knew I would be working with a funeral home that took care of their directors and the families we serve. They have great resources for new directors, and opportunities to network that allow me to grow personally and within this profession."
licensed Funeral director
We are here to help our families honor the life of their loved one with a service offering dignity, integrity, and respect.