Since March 21, the individuals at Glende-Nilson Funeral Home & Cremation Services have been busy sewing protective masks for the current pandemic. They have received several requests from nursing homes, fire departments, and county emergency response teams, just to name a few. In addition, people often stop in to request a few masks for their families.

Karen Holte is the Office Manager at Glende-Nilson. She and Diane Grout, Office Manager at Erickson-Smith Funeral Home & Cremation Service, spearheaded this endeavor, but everyone at Glende-Nilson is getting involved in the mask production. Volunteers from the community have also joined, providing generous assistance during various steps of the process. Karen and Diane have already received over 345 yards of donated fabric, and contributions of fabric, thread, elastic, and other materials continue to pour in. Some community members have donated money for supplies as well.

Everyone has been incredibly grateful for the masks and appreciative of their work. So far, their efforts have resulted in over 3,000 masks produced and donated across the state.  May 2020