Mark Zimmer

Ballhorn Chapels Funeral & Cremation Care Center
Zimmer Westview Funeral & Cremation Care Center
Sheboygan, WI

“When it was time to transition ownership, my top priority was to find a qualified buyer with the depth and capacity to continue managing our firm of two locations in a manner that similar to my own management style.

Our mission to offer excellent facilities and onsite cremation service with the latest technology and trends in consumer needs was important to me, as was offering the best compensation and peripheral benefits to our dedicated employees. Vertin mirrored our vision and values. They are forward-thinking, diverse, and have the resources necessary to provide long-term support for the business and personnel.

My personal experience was good. My interactions with Tom Vertin and Jason Burlage fostered the trust I needed to move forward, and I felt confident throughout that any comments or concerns were addressed promptly.”

John Wenig

Wenig Funeral Homes
Sheboygan Falls and Oostburg, WI

“We have always viewed our business as an extension of ministry to serving our community. We have always prided ourselves on being a torchbearer and leader in cutting-edge funeral service. Through various ties with funeral associations and colleagues, we were aware of Vertin and respected their professionalism and reputation. When we made the decision to sell our business, we reached out to them.

I appreciated how they conducted the negotiations: respectful, considerate, amicable, yet prudent on their part. I was impressed with Vertin’s overall respect for me, our staff, and our business. They continue to demonstrate their commitment to our community and support our staff, which was and is a priority for our family.”